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Audiovisual Design & Consulting

AV Signal is an integrated technology design and consulting agency that works with end-users, specialty contractors, and system integrators.  We can provide solutions from a typical conference space to complex, experimental AV requiring custom, out-of-the-box designs.

Our specialties include visual and aural simulation which enables experiencing a space virtually while planning.  



AV Signal was born from the realization that accurate simulation, which can portray the visual, aural, and physical properties of technology integrated into a space, is the key to driving a successful design. "Know Before Go."

For over 20 years, I have had my hands in every facet of the AV process, from concept to commission. I began as a wire puller, then moved on to technician, programmer, service tech, and project management - I have worked in many capacities. I now draw from this experience to inform better, predict issues, and meet expectations in every phase of the design process.


Aaron Todd, CTS-D, Principal

The Process

Iterative & in no particular order :-)

Needs analysis

What are we trying to accomplish?


Deliverables include a program report & probable cost.

Site Condition Investigations

Document existing space & equipment and/or consult with architect for new construction.


Benchmark performance. 

Visualization & Simulation

Manage expectations by simulating the environment.

Discover issues before the build.

Drawings & Specifications

Specify clear instructions to install, configure & test the proposed system.

Deliver specifications & schematics.

CommissioninG & Testing

Verify the installation, optimization, & commision of the systems based on previous specifications.

Deliver verification reports.

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